We look forward to working with you

GP Sp. z o. o. based in Szczecin invites both business entities and consumers to cooperation. Please send all inquiries and orders to: Below is a brief offer for the services provided:

  • LASER CUTTING – we will cut all your metal sheets up to 25mm thick and dimension 1500x3000mm, and this will be done on modern Bystronic ByStar Fiber machines of 10KW and 3KW. Fast and precise.

  • WATER PULSE CUTTING – we will carry out waterjet cutting service on a Bystronic BayJet Flex 6030 machine with a cutting area of 6100x3100mm.

  • SHEET BENDING – a specialized machine from the Japanese company AMADA will allow us to give individual elements even non-standard shapes. It all depends on your ideas.

  • CNC MACHINING – our modern machinery combined with qualified staff is a guarantee of the highest quality products and services.