CNC Machining

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HAAS ST 20Y Turning Center

We also have a HAAS ST 20Y Turning Center at your disposal.

Here is a brief description of the machine:

  • Cross travel of the support in the X-axis: 213mm
  • Y-axis travel: +/- 50mm
  • Longitudinal travel of the support in the Z-axis: 571mm
  • Maximum spindle passage: 2.5°
  • Maximum turning diameter: 381mm.


  • The 45° slant bed ensures smooth chip evacuation from the work area.
  • The large through-hole drawtube allows for the passage of a sizable bar stock.
  • The 12-station VDI turret head allows for quick tool changes.
Maximum turning diameter700 mm
Maximum length of the workpiece with a tailstock (with machining capability)1 290 mm
Maximum chuck size500 mm
Maximum spindle speed5,000 RPM
Rated drive power (100% DC)37 kW (AC)
Maximum inner diameter of the collet tube127 mm


A powerful and versatile 5-sided machining solution for greater efficiency and productivity.

Maximum X-axis travel750 mm
Maximum Y-axis travel600 mm
Maximum Z-axis travel520 mm
Maximum table load350 kg
Table diameter800 mm