Hydraulic presses

We have the ability to bend, emboss and punch thanks to the high quality of our Hidroliksan presses.

Amada HFE M2

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Amada HFE M2 presses are advanced sheet metal bending machines that offer a wide range of capabilities. Here are some applications for Amada HFE M2 presses:

  • Precision bending: With the DIGIPRO angle measuring system, these presses can accurately measure bending angles, which is crucial for precision work.
  • Energy efficient: They have an intelligent hydraulic system that ensures maximum efficiency with lower energy consumption and lower noise levels.
  • Versatility: They are equipped with the AB-Pad Evolution touch control, which is easy to use and allows quick programming.
  • Accuracy: They have AMADA’s patented crowning system, which ensures consistent results throughout the bend.
  • Ergonomics: Some models, such as the HFE-5012 ERGO, are designed with operator comfort in mind, offering an ergonomic seat, adjustable table and other features to make work easier.


These presses are ideal for applications requiring high precision and efficiency, such as the production of automotive parts, metal structures and other specialized metal components.

Technical Specifications of the MachineHFE-M2-2203 
Smallest pressure force260KN
Length of the press bar3220mm
Clearance between stands2700mm
Long-Stroke model stroke350mm
Maximum deflection of the upper beam20mm
Installation height470mm
Installation height of Long Stroke model620mm
Working table width180mm
Table height960mm
Infeed speed *1-100mm/s
Maximum working speed1-10mm/s
Maximum return speed1-100mm/s
Motor power18,5kW
Energy consumption20kW
Supply voltage400/50V / Hz
Oil quantity295l.
Maximum pressure300bar
Number of controlled axes4 or 7Number
Rear bumper Type A (2 axes)HFE-M2-2203 
X-axis travel range700mm
X-axis travel range with workpiece in position750/1020mm
R-axis travel range250mm
X-axis speed270mm/s.
R-axis speed90mm/s.
X axis positioning speed0,1mm/s.
R-axis positioning speed0,1mm/s.
Repeatability in the X axis0,03mm
Repeatability in the R axis0,05mm
Rear buffer Type B-AC (5 axes)HFE-M2-2203 
Travel range of X1 + X2700mm
X1 + X2 axis travel range with workpiece positioned750/1020mm
Maximum difference of X1 + X2450mm
R-axis travel range250mm
Maximum distance between bumper fingers2460mm
Positioning speed X1 + X2500mm/s.
Positioning speed R160mm/s.
Positioning speed Z1 + Z21000mm/s.
Positioning accuracy X1 + X2 (4 – 300 mm)0,075/- mm
Positioning accuracy X1 + X2 (300 – 700 mm)0,1/- mm
Positioning accuracy R0,1/- mm
Positioning accuracy Z1 + Z21/- mm
Repeatability X1 + X20,01/- mm
Repeatability R0,05/- mm
Repeatability Z1 + Z20,5/- mm



Thanks to Hidroliksan hydraulic presses, we are able to offer a wide range of applications.

GP Prasy Hidrauliczne, Hydraulic presses, Hydraulische Pressen - Hidroliksan