Welding Services Robotized

We have at your disposal a Panasonic TM-2000 welding robot and three OTC JAPAN welding robots that support production processes, increasing their efficiency and providing new capabilities.

Robotized welding station using PANASONIC TAWERS robot type TM2000WG3

We are proud to announce that, utilizing European Union funding, we have implemented a state-of-the-art robotic welding station featuring a PANASONIC TAWERS robot, type TM2000WG3.

The robot, placed on a single track with a working stroke length of approximately 13 meters, is positioned in front of two workstations equipped with turntables with a load capacity of 2000 kg.

This modern robotic welding station allows us to achieve:

  • Increased production efficiency
  • Improved production rhythm
  • Very high and consistent welding quality

PANASONIC TAWERS TM2000WG3 Robot - Presentation

PANASONIC Model TM-2000 Robot

PANASONIC Model RobotTM-2000
Number of axes6
Range of motionArmRotation±170°
Upper arm-90° to 165°
Front arm-80° to 210°
Bend-160° to 95°
Maximum angular velocityArmRotation195°/s
Upper arm197°/s
Front arm205°/s
Maximum allowable load6 kg
Repeatability±0.10 mm or less
BrakesAll axes with brakes
Mass217 kg
Range2011 mm

Welding robot OTC JAPAN FD-B6

Simple and slender design, ideal for arc welding that demands the highest speeds in the industry.