Sheet metal bending

Our experience and specialized machinery from the Japanese company Amada allow us to give individual elements even non-standard shapes.

Amada HFE M2 8025S - Specification

Pressing force800 kN
DriveHydraulic press brake
Press beam length2570 mm
Distance between frames2125 mm
Stroke200 mm
Opening height470 mm
Bending speed10 mm/s
Approach speed100 mm/s
Return speed100 mm/s

Amada HFE M2 5012 - Specification

Pressing force500 kN
DriveHydraulic press brake
Press beam length1270 mm
Distance between frames1035 mm
Stroke150 mm
Opening height480 mm
Bending speed15 mm/s
Approach speed185 mm/s
Return speed185 mm/s