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Your Guardian Angel of the Road

TMA 100 “Guardian”

In the case of any contingency or unforeseen situation on the road that can end with crippling or death of involved people you need the best possible means of protection. In the case of roadworks on one of the highway and expressway lanes or in case of collision that require you to close one of the lanes it’s best to employ a grand mobile crash cushion TMA 100 “Guardian” (TMA stands for truck mounted attenuator, commonly called a crash cushion).

Safety up to 100 km/h

“Guardian” as the only impact attenuator worldwide is able to cushion a crash with the speed of 100 km/h simultanously saving the life of the driver as well as people involved in roadworks and the site itself.

Lower cost of maintenance

Another of the undeniable advantages that place “Guardian” higher than many of other TMA available on the market is a possibility of fast change of broken structural elements in case of bumps. While other cushions have to be completely replace after one crash, in “Guardian” only broken elements need to be replace in case of bumps and mild accident that does not threaten any lives after an appropriate expertise from the producer. When it comes to TMA 100 “Guardian” modules of so called “cushion” are not construction parts of whole structure, thus it lowers the potential cost of the maintenance.

Comfort, Mobility, Ease of use

“Guardian” is a very mobile TMA. By equipping it with an adapter it enables the TMA to be connected to most truck models which considerably improves the ease of use.


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We’re currently working on a detailed tech spec. In case of any questions, head to our Contact section and feel free to inquire for more details.