Constant dropping wears the stone

It also wears metal, plastics, ceramics with the use of our waterjet. Thanks to the biggest waterjet in Szczecin we are able to cut out with great precision even the most complex elements from a wide range of synthetic and organic materials.
The technological field of our water jet cutter which amounts to 3,1m x 6,1m (18m²), two 3D cutting heads and the ability to cut material up to 300mm allows for the greatest production possibilities regarding all metals, plastics, glass or rubber.



Precision of the future

Fast and precise laser cutting in metal sheets on great machines from Amada company guarantees 100% of replicability of the details. It is also possible to engrave and center punch as well as cut out openings up to 0,4 x sheet thickness.

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Metal sheet cutting

We can cut metal sheets of maximum length of 3000mm and maximum thickness of 6mm thanks to amazing Amada Guillotines.

Sheet bending

Bending with the press brake made by Amada which uses 7 axes and bending power amounting to 1700 kN. Thanks to the 3000mm maximum bending length, 6mm of maximum bending thickness and a 100% replicability of the bent details you can be sure of the utmost quality of your order.

Tube bending

Bending on the bender by German company TRANSFLUID enables precision when working with pipes up to 6000 mm and of diameter equal to: 88,9 x 5 mm (Structural steel pipes), 88,9 x 3 mm (stainless steel pipes), 75 x 4 mm (square profile pipes), 75 x 50 x 4 mm (rectangular profile). The max angle of bending equals to 180°.


We weld with the use of modern stations equipped with welding robots from a renowned japanese company OTC DAIHEN as well as with semi-automated welding robots and TIG, MIG and MAG methods.
All welding items needed in production of welded structures on the automated stations are designed by our designers-constructors at our construction office.

Plastics processing

Take advantage of modern technological line from a German company MBK to produce plastic articles by the method of plastics blowing.


Metal processing department

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