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To reach the destination in safety

Together with the biggest road construction companies we care for your and your family comfort, speed and safety.

Our exquisitely designed, developed and thoroughly tested road safety systems such as safety barriers, warning systems or the most advanced mobile crash cushion on the world, allow to avoid dangerous situation on the road, therefore, they directly protect you health and life.


Sometimes, there are situations of the road that just can’t be anticipated. When the bravado takes over or the providence leaves the driver it may end in tragedy for all parties: road workers, driver and their families.

The most futuristic crash absorber on the market, TMA 100 “Guardian”, is a perfect protection from disability or death on the road in case of unnoticed blockade of a lane or renovation of the road surface.

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Products made of plastics:


  • Road cones
  • Base plates
  • Traffic and road indicators
  • Highway location markers U1A and U1b

Products made of metals:


  • Metal safety fences
  • Safety tags
  • Transport pallet
  • Mobile fences
  • Warning trailer U26a
  • Carts with temporary traffic lights


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