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GP is a Poland-based company specialized in cutting-edge systems and technologies related to metal and plastics constructions and structures made with the use of the most advanced machinery and equipment. We believe that through technology we can help in saving lives on the roads, help other entrepreneurs and build strong image for Poland globally.

GP is the greatest partner for any company that is in need of accurate metal and plastics processing. By using world’s most recent technologies and and techniques of production, GP offers a wide array of services related to cutting, bending, welding and processing any metal elements as well as a number of the best road safety products. Over 40 years of business culture as well as using and creating state-of-the-art technologies guarantees prosperity and success when it comes to cooperation with GP.

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Inherent passion for tradition & Innovativeness

Out approach towards business is based on two crucial aspects – tradition and innovativeness.

We are present on the market for more than 40 years. This led us to creating a reliable and foolproof business model which is founded on partnership, precision and punctuality. GP is a mature and dependable partner who respects the rules of high business culture.

One of our most important traditions is innovative thinking and looking forward. We are one of the world’s pioniers in the field of metal and plastics construction systems and technologies. Our factory is outfitted with newest hi-tech machinery manned by experienced and well-trained workforce. The mixture of great production capabilities and understanding of the newest technologies ensures the fulfillment of any request however hard it may seem.

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Elements made-to-measure – metalworks, stoneworks and plastics services

Let us make the elements you need. You are not forced to adjust to the market. We’ll force the market to adjust to you.

The wide range of provided services in the field of precise metalworks and plastics construction guarantee the ideal development of any element you need. Make your dreams come true, further develop your business and conquer new markets with our knowledge in the field of production and technology.

  • waterjet cutting (3x6m processing area),
  • laser cutting,
  • press brake sheet bending,
  • guillotine cutting of metal sheets,
  • gięcie rur i profili na giętarce trzpieniowej,
  • hydraulic and eccentric molding and forming
  • metal steel and stainless steel welding with MIG, MAG and TIG methods


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To reach the destination in safety – road safety products

Together with the biggest road construction companies we care for your and your family comfort, speed and safety. .

Our exquisitely designed, developed and thoroughly tested road safety systems such as safety barriers, warning systems or the most advanced mobile crash cushion on the world, allow to avoid dangerous situation on the road, therefore, they directly protect you health and life.


Certifications & quality assurance

We know how important it is to constantly refine the production methods and technological processes. That is why we obtain the most prestigious certifications of construction industry, such as certifications allowing us to work with flight technologies, on railway application constructions, technical construction for road safety or general steel constructions.





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GP Ltd

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Metal Processing Department

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